72-hours in Denver

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If you’re looking to explore Colorado during a whirlwind 3-day tour, check out the itinerary I followed: Friday: Downtown Denver I arrived late, so my friends and I headed out for a quick drink in the downtown area. This area reminded me of 6th street in Austin. Falling Rock Tap House If you’re in to beer, you’ll … [Continue Reading…]

3 lessons from my fourteener

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Before heading to Barcelona I had the honor of spending 72-hours visiting two amazing friends in Colorado. Kathryn and Kevin planned an incredible three days for my visit, many hours of which were spent climbing a fourteener. What’s a fourteener? I asked the same question. A fourteener is a mountain whose peak is at least 14,000 feet … [Continue Reading…]

Let the Adventure Begin

Engage in Barcelona

I’ve always dreamed of living abroad, but it was always a “what if” never a “when.” I had no clue is the dream would ever come to fruition. Imagine my surprise when I found out my boyfriend was interviewing for a job in Barcelona. What the heck? How crazy would that be?! Fast forward a bit: … [Continue Reading…]