Malaga: A One Day Walking Tour

Graffiti in Malaga

I rolled up in Malaga late one Friday evening having researched only the bus schedule. After a few days in Granada, I’d planned to go to Córdoba and Ronda, but because of unseasonably miserable weather, I switched things up and headed to the coast. What I knew about Malaga consisted of this: It’s a little … [Continue Reading…]

Easter in Paris

Pastries for Easter in Paris

Any given day in Paris is filled with rich foods and decadent desserts. Macarons, crepes, croissants, and chocolates seem to fill every shop window, and during Easter, all of the displays are filled with colorful chocolate Easter eggs, Easter baskets, and of course Easter Bunnies. While celebrating Easter in Paris last weekend, Tony and I … [Continue Reading…]

My Hammam Visit: An Ancient Arab Bath in Granada

Visit a Hammam Arab Bath Granada

In ancient times, hammams, or Arab baths, were functional personal hygiene measures that doubled as social establishments (think country clubs) and while many can still be found throughout the Middle East, it came as a pleasant surprise that they’re also pervasive in southern Spain. Years ago I missed the opportunity to visit a hammam in … [Continue Reading…]

Traveling Without a Plan: Andalusia via Granada, Malaga, and Seville

Traveling without a plan Alcazaba in Malaga

“Traveling without a plan? Ha! That will never be me!” My travel plans were set: I would fly into Granada, out of Seville, and in between hit up Córdoba, Ronda, and Gibraltar. It was going to be perfect since the weather in Southern Spain can’t be beat and February isn’t exactly tourist season. As my … [Continue Reading…]

Barcelona Beer Festival: A Gastronomic Delight

Barcelona Beer Festival Mini Beers

After the underwhelming showing at Eat Street Barcelona I wasn’t sure what my expectations should be for the Barcelona Beer Festival. I’d gotten my hopes up once and couldn’t stand to have Barcelona let me down twice in a row… which is why I am pleased to announce that… The Barcelona Beer Festival was freaking … [Continue Reading…]

Tarragona: A Colosseum, Beach, and Aqueduct

Tarragona Beach Barcelona Day Trip

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge sucker for Roman architecture, especially when it is out of place (have you read what I have to say about Segovia?!). This is just one of the reasons I love Tarragona. Only an hour outside of the city, Tarragona is a perfect Barcelona day trip for a traveler looking … [Continue Reading…]